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Welcome to APD's new Customer Central Record, which is part of the agency's document management initiative. By replacing the files in your filing cabinets and the stacks of forms on your desk with this online way to do business, we hope your paperwork burden will be reduced and you will have more time to devote to your clients.

This will make client records more secure, and yet more accessible to those of us who need them, while streamlining monitoring and eliminating unnecessary oversight. The bottom line is that everyone benefits---especially the Floridians with developmental disabilities that we serve. 


 Available Forms (Partial Listing)

Annual Report
APD Notes
Daily Attendance Log
Daily Progress Notes
Detail Service Log
Implementation Plan
Incident Report
Individual Plan for Employment
Monthly Summary
Quarterly Report
Routine Service Log
Support Coordinator Case Notes
Support Plan
Supported Living Implementation Plan
Supported Living Service Log and Progress Notes
Trip Log
Client Central Records Users